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Senior Pet Care

Preventative. Wellness. Treatment.

Health Care For Senior Pets

Routine health care visits are critical for senior pets. As they age, they face an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. Many of our aging friends experience discomfort and reduced activity due to arthritis.  Often, the symptoms are subtle or seem like expected and typical signs of aging. These diseases may go undetected and untreated for some time.  We recommend that senior pets undergo a complete physical examination every six months. We suggest associated laboratory tests every 6-12 months to allow us to monitor changes in important values that could indicate the early stage of disease or disease advancement.

Our goal is to approach every senior pet with thorough and compassionate care, always working with you to improve their overall quality of life. Our team is devoted to offering guidance as your pet ages, and that includes extending our compassionate approach as we explore all treatment modalities, including the difficult discussions surrounding end-of-life care. 

Senior Wellness for 

Carrboro Area Pets

Please let us know if your older dog or cat begins to exhibit any of the following symptoms so we can help develop the best treatment plan for your pet:

Changes in urination or defecation habits

Confusion or disorientation

Decreased responsiveness

Difficulty breathing or changes in breathing patterns

Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping

Difficulty seeing or hearing

Drastic weight change (either loss or gain)

Excessive scratching or changes to skin or coat

Stiffness or limping

Tremors or shaking

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